Current Actions

  • Take on the Koch Brothers in Ohio!

    Ted Strickland is running for Senate in one of the most contested races of 2016. We have a chance to pick up a key Senate seat, but the Koch brothers have made this their #1 race.

    America deserves a Senate that believes in putting the people of our country first. As a fighter for working families, Ted Strickland will be a tireless advocate for opportunity for all.

    Add your name to help us defeat the Koch brothers and elect Ted Strickland to the U.S. Senate!...


  • ARREST the “Oregon Militiamen” for their domestic terrorism

    A few days ago, dozens of armed, anti-government militants stormed a federal building in Oregon. They seized and occupied government property -- all because they disagreed with the sentencing of a local rancher and his son.

    “Taking back” this federal land is STEALING.  And threatening organized violence while you're doing it is terrorism.  Sign your name calling for the ARREST of these domestic terrorists >>

    Their illegal occupation of federal land has...


  • Tell the DNC: Stop Blocking Bernie!

    Today -- just one day before the final Democratic debate of 2015, and just a few weeks before the Iowa caucuses -- the Democratic National Committee shut down the Bernie 2016 campaign’s access to critical campaign data. All because of a glitch in a third party system that accidentally allowed campaign employees to see information from other campaigns.

    Every Democratic candidate adds all of their data to the DNC’s main database. Without it, the Bernie 2016 campaign is effectively...


  • Fight GOP Attacks on our Health

    Congressional Republicans have proven that they are not going to stop their relentless attacks on our health.

    Across the country, Republicans have voted to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood and repeal life-saving Medicaid expansion plans, taking away affordable health coverage from hardworking Americans.

    Will you stand against the GOP’s relentless attacks?

    As Governor, Maggie Hassan has fought to protect and expand access to critical health...


  • Stand with Democrats: Support Paid Family Leave

    Paid family leave keeps our families healthier and our economy stronger—yet the Republicans in power reject any and all efforts to ensure access to family leave for all. Add your name to stand with Democrats who support paid leave for all hardworking Americans.

    Before becoming Speaker, Paul Ryan made it clear that spending time with his family was non-negotiable. But while he acknowledged that family comes first, he has since said prioritizing paid family leave “...


  • Tell Congress: "Don't Slash Health Funding for 9/11 Heroes!"

    Jon Stewart appeared on The Daily Show last night, for the first time since stepping down, to highlight an important issue: securing healthcare funding for 9/11 first responders. It seems like a no-brainer, but Congress let the current law expire and refused to renew the act -- solely for political purposes.

    We need Congress to act now so our 9/11 heroes don’t lose the healthcare they desperately need and deserve.

    Tell Congress to pass a long-term...


  • Working families need help. Raise the minimum wage!

    Add your name to support raising the minimum wage in 2016. Together we will reduce inequality and protect the American Dream.

    It’s time to make economic fairness a reality for all Americans — starting with a higher minimum wage.

    Right now, 35 million Americans are struggling because – in spite of being better educated and more productive than ever before – they are being paid less.

    Over the past four decades the cost of living has risen and the minimum...


  • Stop Terror Suspects from Buying Dangerous Weapons

    The deadly attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Mali prove that we need to act on preventing terrorist suspects from using our lax gun laws to hurt American citizens.

    Tell Congress to act: "Stop terror suspects from buying guns."

    Use the form add your name -->



  • Fight to Defend Planned Parenthood

    Congressional Republicans are going after Planned Parenthood with a vengeance, and we can’t let them win.

    Again, Republicans are holding Americans hostage to further their right wing agenda. And the nationwide attacks on Planned Parenthood are truly disgusting. 

    Will you commit yourself to the fight to keep Planned Parenthood funded?

    Millions of American families receive vital health care services through Planned Parenthood. It would be...


  • Fight Secret Money in Elections. Pass the DISCLOSE Act

    Add your name now to stand up to secret dark money in elections. Tell Congress to pass the DISCLOSE Act.

    In 2014, the amount of outside money reported on Senate races was nearly half a billion dollars. That number has doubled since 2010, as has the amount of undisclosed secret money!

    The DISCLOSE Act would require greater disclosure of these funds so that the American people can hold these groups and individuals accountable.

    Join with Chris...