Current Actions

  • Protect Federal, Tribal Lands from Oil and Gas Climate Pollution

    America is now the world's largest natural gas producer—and a significant portion of that oil & gas production relies on federal and tribal lands. But due to outdated rules, a significant amount—$330 million worth—of our federal gas resources are being wasted every year, enough natural gas to power a city the size of Chicago for a year.

    That's not just an incredible waste of resources—an estimated $800 million over the next decade in royalty revenue for the Federal...


  • Protect your families from dangerous, untested chemicals in your homes

    Think that if you can buy something in a store, then it must be safe? Wrong. There are 80,000 chemicals approved for use in commerce, but the vast majority has never been tested for long-term health effects. That means you and your family use products every day without knowing whether they contain carcinogens, reproductive hazards, asthma triggers, and other chemical hazards.

    Congress has recently passed a new bill that would require testing on all...


  • Help Protect Penguins from Climate Change

    Emperor penguins are the tallest and largest penguins alive today, and the only penguin species that breed during the harsh Antarctic winter. But they’re being put at risk by climate change-induced melting sea ice, on which many colonies of emperor penguins rely for breeding.

    We can help protect them by limiting carbon pollution and stopping climate change, through policies like the EPA's Clean Power Plan. But Congress has made attacking the plan a top priority -- despite...


  • Join Left Action Today!

    Join Left Action today!  Sign up, and become a part of a movement of progressives 1 million strong -- and growing every day! 

    Left Action is dedicated to fighting back for progressive causes -- and having fun while doing it.   We're serious about these issues, and about combating the right-wing extremism that threatens to push our nation backwards, rather than forward.    But we also recognize that humor can be a powerful weapon, and we use it... liberally....


  • Demand Action to Save Bees from Highly Toxic Pesticides

    Bee populations are plummeting. And scientists are pointing to toxic bee-killing pesticides known as neonicotinoids as a cause.

    We’re fighting in court and partnering with other groups to demand action now to save bees, but we need your help.

    Join us and 4 million Americans to urge President Obama to suspend the use of toxic bee-killing pesticides now!

    These pesticides make the whole plant poisonous to insects, including the nectar and pollen, which...


  • Urge the EPA to Limit Dangerous Methane Emissions

    Right now, the potent climate pollutant methane is spewing into the air above Aliso Canyon in California—and it has been for months. It's the consequence of a massive natural gas leak that erupted back in October, at a storage well operated by SoCal Gas just outside of Los Angeles. Every day, this leak is having devastating climate impacts: at its peak, it delivered the same climate punch as driving 9 million cars a day. But there's something you can do, right now, to ensure...


  • Take on the Koch Brothers in Ohio!

    Ted Strickland is running for Senate in one of the most contested races of 2016. We have a chance to pick up a key Senate seat, but the Koch brothers have made this their #1 race.

    America deserves a Senate that believes in putting the people of our country first. As a fighter for working families, Ted Strickland will be a tireless advocate for opportunity for all.

    Add your name to help us defeat the Koch brothers and elect Ted Strickland to the U.S. Senate!...


  • ARREST the “Oregon Militiamen” for their domestic terrorism

    A few days ago, dozens of armed, anti-government militants stormed a federal building in Oregon. They seized and occupied government property -- all because they disagreed with the sentencing of a local rancher and his son.

    “Taking back” this federal land is STEALING.  And threatening organized violence while you're doing it is terrorism.  Sign your name calling for the ARREST of these domestic terrorists >>

    Their illegal occupation of federal land has...


  • Tell the DNC: Stop Blocking Bernie!

    Today -- just one day before the final Democratic debate of 2015, and just a few weeks before the Iowa caucuses -- the Democratic National Committee shut down the Bernie 2016 campaign’s access to critical campaign data. All because of a glitch in a third party system that accidentally allowed campaign employees to see information from other campaigns.

    Every Democratic candidate adds all of their data to the DNC’s main database. Without it, the Bernie 2016 campaign is effectively...


  • Tell the Forest Service: Stop Coal Mining in Pristine Roadless Forests

    Today, you can help stop Arch Coal from bulldozing thousands of acres of pristine roadless forest in Colorado in order to mine more than 170 million tons of coal.

    Until January 4, the Forest Service is taking comments on its proposal to pave the way for Arch Coal—the second-largest coal company in the United States—to bulldoze across thousands of acres of pristine roadless forests.

    The agency is proposing to reopen a loophole in the Colorado Roadless Rule...