Current Actions

  • Stand with Elizabeth Warren against Trump's Attacks

    Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee serial bankruptcy filer, has gone on the attack again, this time launching a series of rancid tweets at Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    Looks like he picked a fight with the wrong person:

    Elizabeth Warren delivered an extensive, blistering speech last night about Trump that will serve as a template for how Democrats will attack him...

    The line that is driving all the attention this...


  • Protect Social Security! Stand with Ted

    For Americans who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, working a job that doesn’t pay a fair wage, or facing crippling student debt, saving for retirement can seem like a fantasy — and that’s one of the reasons why our middle class is feeling squeezed.

    It’s even worse when these same Americans are represented by D.C. insiders like Senator Rob Portman who want to raise the retirement age and slash earned benefits.

    When you’re still working as a concrete finisher into your 60s,...


  • Demand a Hearing for Obama’s Nominee

    For the last 40 years it’s taken an average of 67 days for the Senate to give a hearing to the President’s nominee for the Supreme Court. The GOP doesn’t seem to care.

    President Obama did his job. He nominated an experienced, centrist judge that both Republicans and Democrats have praised in the past. The GOP doesn’t seem to care.

    Join Senate Democrats in demanding that Republicans give President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee a hearing. It’s time the GOP did their...


  • Denounce Trump's Abortion Remarks

    Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner for President, stated in an interview that he would support “some form of punishment” for women who have an abortion, were it outlawed.

    This is not a statement to dismiss lightly, like most Donald Trump positions tend to be. This is a direct assault on women’s healthcare rights.

    Stand with Senate Democrats in defending a woman’s right to make their own choices when it comes to their healthcare.

    This fight for...


  • Sign if you agree: Women deserve equal pay

    It’s 2016 and America still has a gender pay gap that isn’t shrinking fast enough. For full-time work, the average woman makes only 79 cents for every dollar a man makes.

    It’s time to end this gender discrimination.

    Now more than ever, we need to elect women to Congress who will fight for equal pay to support women and families across the country.

    Over and over, we’ve seen Republicans vote against key legislation to make progress on...


  • Cut Air Pollution Above America's Most Precious Landscapes

    Due to outdated rules, the oil & gas industry is allowed to vent and flare dangerous methane emissions on protected public lands. The pollution hangs in the air, obscuring our views of these natural landscapes—and putting our health at risk as we enjoy them.

    The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) has proposed a rule to protect America’s most beautiful vistas from oil & gas pollution—but we’re running out of time to ensure these regulations are strengthened and finalized....


  • Tell Republicans: Don't Slash Funding to Fight Ebola

    When Ebola struck last year, and scattered cases in the US caused panic, President Obama took decisive action to protect us by putting into place a program to fight inevitable future outbreaks by working to prevent them, and nip them in the bud.

    But incredibly, Republicans want to remove this protection. They want to turn their back on the Ebola threat by removing $600 million dollars from the Ebola emergency fund.

    The same Republicans who shamelessly exploited...


  • Stop Beltway Rob Portman!

    Throughout his entire career, Beltway Rob Portman has been in the pocket of Washington special interests. During his twenty-five years in Washington, Portman has made it clear where his priorities lie – and they’re not in helping working Ohio families.

    Twenty-five years in the club is long enough. Sign up to support Ted Strickland and working Ohioans.

    Ohio deserves a Senator who puts Working Ohioans first – not someone whose face a financial lobbyist once said...


  • EPA: Don't Allow Radiation in Drinking Water!

    Right now, if a disaster were to strike — like a fracking truck spilling radioactive wastewater near your water, or even a nuclear disaster like Fukushima — the Safe Drinking Water Act sets clear limits to protect your health and safety from radiation. But the EPA is considering increasing that limit for anywhere from one year to four years after an emergency .

    People should get clean drinking water in an emergency and should not be forced to drink...


  • Help Continue President Obama’s Progress

    Seven years ago, President Obama took office with ambitious goals to ignite change and move America forward. Since then, he’s led us through some of the most incredible progress this country has ever seen.

    Now, we must work to protect the advancements we’ve made in order to build on that progress. Stand with President Obama and Democrats today.

    Our accomplishments under President Obama’s leadership are clear: 70 straight months of private-sector job growth,...