Current Actions

  • Stand up to Trump’s climate lies

    Donald Trump is yet to take office, but one thing appears clear: he will appoint leaders who reject climate change, science, and the duty of protecting American families. Trump has named Myron Ebell—a known climate liar and PR man for big oil—as the lead on his Environmental Protection Agency transition team. By appointing a man who lies about climate change to lead an agency whose mission is to protect the environment, Trump is signaling he will carry through with his calls to dismantle the...


  • Tell the Electoral College: Save America from Trump

    Tell the Electoral College to save America from Trump, and choose Hillary Clinton as president on December 19th.

    In just the first week after Trump’s “victory,” we’ve gotten a glimpse of what his presidency will be like -- and it is bleak. But Hillary Clinton WON the popular vote -- and there’s still a chance she could be our next president!

    Electors from the Electoral College will cast their votes on December 19th. If we can get them to change their votes,...


  • Stand with Elizabeth Warren against Trump's Attacks

    (***Update: Trump is going after Warren again, but she's standing strong and fighting back.  Tell Warren you stand with her!)

    Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee serial bankruptcy filer, has gone on the attack again, this time launching a series of rancid tweets at Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    Looks like he picked a fight with the wrong person:

    Elizabeth Warren delivered an extensive, blistering speech last night about Trump...


  • Make Republicans Pay Back Taxpayers for Benghazi Committee

    After years of endless investigation and dragging things out, the Republican-led House Benghazi committee has finally released an 800 page report on their findings. The earth shattering findings? NO evidence of wrongdoing.

    Republicans have wasted taxpayer time and money with this committee -- over $4.5 million. We say it's time the GOP pays us back for this political stunt.

    SIGN YOUR NAME: Demand Republicans REIMBURSE taxpayers for the...


  • Tell Your Senators: Scott Pruitt is a Dangerous EPA Nominee

    The nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency is an unprecedented threat to our children's health. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, this is a travesty. This nomination endangers our children.

    Pruitt’s past includes suing the very agency he is now being asked to lead, attacking vital health protections against soot and smog pollution, accepting money from corporate polluters, and lying about the science...


  • Tell Senate Democrats: Block ALL Trump's Supreme Court Picks

    For nearly a year, Senate Republicans blocked President Obama's Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland.

    They refused to vote. They refused to hold hearings. They even refused to meet with him. This was unprecedented obstructionism, even for Republicans.

    Well now the tables have turned. And it's time for payback.

    Tell Senate Democrats: Use the filibuster to block ALL Trump's Supreme Court picks.

    That's right – block them all. For 4 years...


  • Tell Tammy Duckworth you condemn Senator Mark Kirk's offensive comment

    Tell Tammy Duckworth you condemn Senator Mark Kirk's offensive comment

    Senator Mark Kirk said something outrageous during the second Illinois Senate debate last week.

    When Tammy Duckworth was talking about her family’s history of military service, Kirk interrupted her to say, “I forgot that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington.”

    Tammy’s dad was a Marine and members of her family have served this nation in...


  • Stop the Monsanto-Bayer Merger!

    Bayer and Monsanto?! This mega-merger is a BIG deal: combining these two corporate giants gives them enormous market share in GMO seeds, pesticides and more.

    This proposal follows a troubling trend of giant agriculture company mergers — leaving just a few companies in control over the building blocks of our food system.

    This consolidated market will leave farmers with fewer options and higher prices, and will result in fewer real options for us in the grocery store.



  • Demand that the debate moderators ask the presidential candidates about climate change

    Demand that the debate moderators ask the presidential candidates about climate change

    In the first presidential debate, climate change was only briefly mentioned by both candidates, yet marked one of the most talked-about and fascinating moments of the debate. With climate change touching everything our country faces—from the economy to national security to racial justice—the American people deserve to hear from the candidates regarding their position on global...


  • Stand Up to Trump’s Hypocrisy on Family Leave

    Donald Trump has recently released a maternity leave plan as part of his cynical rebranding. But Democrats know the truth – that these are empty words from a man who once called pregnant employees “an inconvenience.”

    And while Trump and Senate Republicans have been insulting women and busy families, Democrats have been fighting for paid family leave for years.

    It’s time to get serious about paid family leave in America. Add your name and help the Senate Democrats stand...