Current Actions

  • Repeal your own health care first, hypocrites!

    Tell the Republicans: "Repeal your own government-subsidized health care first, hypocrites!"

    Republicans are rushing forward to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  And the whole time, they are ranting and raving about "government health care" and how awful it is. 

    Except, apparently, when it comes to themselves. And their own government-subsidized health care.  That's right -- they get health care, and the federal government picks up most of the...


  • Impeach Donald Trump

    On January 20th, Donald Trump took office as America's 45th president. 

    And now that that has happened, the effort to impeach him should begin immediately. 

    It would be an unprecedented step for sure, to begin it that early, but the threat Trump represents to our democracy is unprecedented as well.  

    He threatened to not accept the results if he lost.  He stoked violence by his supporters.  He has flatly ignored the Emoluments...


  • Tell Your Senators: Scott Pruitt is a Dangerous EPA Nominee

    The nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency is an unprecedented threat to our children's health. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, this is a travesty. This nomination endangers our children.

    Pruitt’s past includes suing the very agency he is now being asked to lead, attacking vital health protections against soot and smog pollution, accepting money from corporate polluters, and lying about the science...


  • Stand up to Trump’s climate lies

    Donald Trump is yet to take office, but one thing appears clear: he will appoint leaders who reject climate change, science, and the duty of protecting American families. Trump has named Myron Ebell—a known climate liar and PR man for big oil—as the lead on his Environmental Protection Agency transition team. By appointing a man who lies about climate change to lead an agency whose mission is to protect the environment, Trump is signaling he will carry through with his calls to dismantle the...


  • Stand with Elizabeth Warren against Trump's Attacks

    (***Update: Trump is going after Warren again, but she's standing strong and fighting back.  Tell Warren you stand with her!)

    Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee serial bankruptcy filer, has gone on the attack again, this time launching a series of rancid tweets at Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    Looks like he picked a fight with the wrong person:

    Elizabeth Warren delivered an extensive, blistering speech last night about Trump...


  • Make Republicans Pay Back Taxpayers for Benghazi Committee

    After years of endless investigation and dragging things out, the Republican-led House Benghazi committee has finally released an 800 page report on their findings. The earth shattering findings? NO evidence of wrongdoing.

    Republicans have wasted taxpayer time and money with this committee -- over $4.5 million. We say it's time the GOP pays us back for this political stunt.

    SIGN YOUR NAME: Demand Republicans REIMBURSE taxpayers for the...


  • Tell Trump: "Pay for the wall yourself!"

    During the campaign, Donald Trump said he would build a wall on the Mexican border, and promised "Mexico would pay for it."

    But now, Trump is asking for more than $11 billion of your tax dollars to build the wall. He lied, and now he wants you to pick up the tab. Don't let him get away with it.

    Tell Trump: "No tax dollars for you. You want a wall? Use your own money to pay."

    Trump lied. About paying for it, and about whether a...


  • Tell Democrats: Boycott Trump's Inauguration

    Donald Trump ran a hate-filled campaign that was fueled by an endless series of lies.   Democratic leaders should not "normalize" Trump's election by lending their blessing to his inauguration.  

    Tell Democrats: Boycott Trump's inauguration.  

    This is not a normal inauguration, and Democrats need to have the backbone to say so and demonstrate so by their actions.   And yet, too many Democratic leaders have already backed down, and said they will attend.



  • Tell Democratic Leaders: Start Fighting Back against Trump

    After a campaign filled with hatred and division, Donald Trump is laying the foundation for a presidency of unprecedented corruption and extremism.

    And yet, too many Democratic leaders seem unwilling to fight back. Instead of forcefully denouncing Trump, and rallying others to battle, they are either remaining silent, or meekly talking about ways they can work with him.

    This is not the time for cowardice. This is not the time for appeasement. Donald Trump...


  • Tell Senate Democrats: Block ALL Trump's Supreme Court Picks

    For nearly a year, Senate Republicans blocked President Obama's Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland.

    They refused to vote. They refused to hold hearings. They even refused to meet with him. This was unprecedented obstructionism, even for Republicans.

    Well now the tables have turned. And it's time for payback.

    Tell Senate Democrats: Use the filibuster to block ALL Trump's Supreme Court picks.

    That's right – block them all. For 4 years...