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  • Stand up against Climate Obstruction

    Left Action  Jun 29, 2016

    For the first time in American history, we have a national plan to limit the dangerous climate pollution spewing from our fossil fuel-fired power plants – the single largest source of carbon pollution in our nation and one of the largest in the world. We can’t let that slip away. But dirty energy forces are fighting climate progress through a relentless series of legal attacks. We’re fighting hard to stop this latest senseless effort attacking EPA’s vital limits on climate pollution—but we need your help. (more)

  • Stand with Warren against Trump's attacks

    Left Action  Jun 08, 2016

    Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee serial bankruptcy filer, has gone on the attack again, this time launching a series of rancid tweets at Senator Elizabeth Warren. Looks like he picked a fight with the wrong person (more) (more)

  • Make the Wealthy Pay their Fair Share of Social Security Taxes

    Left Action  May 18, 2016

    Most Americans pay 6.20% of their incomes to Social Security taxes. But not so the wealthy. The Social Security tax applies only to the first $118,500 of income (the “cap”). As soon anyone reaches that limit, they’re done for the year. Add your name to become a citizen co-sponsor of the "Scrap the Cap" bill, and help make sure YOUR Social Security will be there for you, no matter how long you live >> (more)

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    Left Action  Apr 27, 2016

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    Left Action Archive  Apr 03, 2016

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