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  • Make the Wealthy Pay their Fair Share of Social Security Taxes

    Left Action  May 18, 2016

    Most Americans pay 6.20% of their incomes to Social Security taxes. But not so the wealthy. The Social Security tax applies only to the first $118,500 of income (the “cap”). As soon anyone reaches that limit, they’re done for the year. LeBron James, for example, pays just 0.03% of his income toward Social Security taxes. In fact, he is finished paying his Social Security taxes in the second quarter of his first game of his season. Then he’s done for the rest of the game, and the rest of the season – including the playoffs. (more)

  • Follow us on Twitter

    Left Action  Apr 27, 2016

    Are you on Twitter?   Make sure to follow Left Action: http://Twitter.com/LeftAction   (more)

  • We've moved some things around

    Left Action Archive  Apr 03, 2016

    We've upgraded our LeftAction.com site, and hopefully you're noticing the benefits -- faster loading, better mobile performance, etc.   However, this also means that older actions on the old platform now have a new URL:  http://Archive.LeftAction.com. If you're looking for an old action, and don't see it here, check out that link!  (more)

  • Poll: Trump tops GOP list for "worst president"

    Left Action  Mar 15, 2016

    According to a poll of 40,000+ Left Action supporters, here is "who would make the worst president" from the current GOP crop: Trump:  64% Cruz: 28% Rubio: 3% Kasich: 1% Unsure: 4% (more)

  • Pledge to Vote

    Pledge to vote  Mar 09, 2016

    Did you know that people who pledge to vote are more likely to do so?  It's true.  Take a second now, and pledge to vote.  (more)

  • Protect Federal, Tribal Lands from Oil and Gas Climate Pollution

    Left Action  Feb 17, 2016

    America is now the world's largest natural gas producer—and a significant portion of that oil & gas production relies on federal and tribal lands. But due to outdated rules, a significant amount—$330 million worth—of our federal gas resources are being wasted every year, enough natural gas to power a city the size of Chicago for a year. (more)

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