Fighting back against the right wing

Animation of prominent GOP pols taking punches

Stand with Major Biden against Fox News

When Joe Biden wanted a second dog, he adopted rescue dog “Major” from the Delaware Humane Association, setting a great example for people looking to get pets!

Like many rescue dogs, it’s taken some time for this pup to settle into his brand new surroundings -- in this case, the White House. And he’s nipped a few times, and is now getting more training.

But Fox News is now attacking Major, and saying he should be kept away from people altogether. It's cruel, it's unnecessary, and it's typical Fox News 

So we’re sending a HUGE petition to tell Fox to BACK OFF and show that Americans will defend our “First Pup” -- and choose “Dog” over “Fox”.

And for each person that signs our petition, we’ll donate a dog biscuit to an animal rescue shelter.

Will you stand with Major Biden? Click here to go to the petition and add your name AND send a biscuit. 

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