Congratulate Trump on being the Worst President Ever!

Congratulate Trump on being the Worst President Ever!

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We’ve had some awful presidents in our nation’s history, but Donald Trump has really gone above and beyond when it comes to taking sh*tty leadership to bold new heights/depths.

  • He’s given white supremacists a voice in the federal government.
  • He’s alienated our closest allies, generally via 3am twitter rants
  • He’s ended DACA, in spite of overwhelming bipartisan support
  • He’s set a new record for the pace and size of lies
  • He’s appointed cabinet officials who have no ****ing idea what they’re doing.
  • And now… he’s endorsed an accused child molester

He’s only served one quarter of a term, but already, he’s cemented himself at the top of the sh*t list by a long, long way.

So please join us in congratulating Donald Trump for being the worst president ever!

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