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Demand Trump Testify Under Oath to the Senate

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James Comey went before the Senate panel and described under oath and in great detail a very disturbing series of events that took place with Donald Trump. Events that call into question Trump’s fitness to hold that office.  Meanwhile, Trump hides behind his Twitter account and spews lies.

It is time for Donald Trump to testify and answer questions -- under oath, and in public. This is exactly what Senator Chris Murphy is now calling on Trump to do, and we couldn’t agree more.

Sign your name to demand Trump testify before the Senate >>

If Trump is so confident in his side of the story then he needs to testify, under oath and in front of the press. If Trump has nothing to hide then he has NOTHING to lose from testifying in front of the Senate. It’s time for him to stop hiding behind his Twitter, tell his side of the story, and face the tough questions.

Sign your name to demand Trump testify before the Senate >>

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