Stand Up to Trump’s Hypocrisy on Family Leave

Donald Trump has recently released a maternity leave plan as part of his cynical rebranding. But Democrats know the truth – that these are empty words from a man who once called pregnant employees “an inconvenience.”

And while Trump and Senate Republicans have been insulting women and busy families, Democrats have been fighting for paid family leave for years.

It’s time to get serious about paid family leave in America. Add your name and help the Senate Democrats stand up for paid family leave in Congress.

Right now in America, working parents have to choose between keeping their job and caring for their children. But in the wealthiest country in the world, they shouldn’t have to make that choice.

It’s time that we fight back against Senate Republicans’ obstructionism once and for all.

This year you can make a difference. Sign this petition to show Republicans that paid family leave is an important issue for you this election.

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