Stand up to Trump’s climate lies

Donald Trump is yet to take office, but one thing appears clear: he will appoint leaders who reject climate change, science, and the duty of protecting American families. Trump has named Myron Ebell—a known climate liar and PR man for big oil—as the lead on his Environmental Protection Agency transition team. By appointing a man who lies about climate change to lead an agency whose mission is to protect the environment, Trump is signaling he will carry through with his calls to dismantle the EPA and halt climate action, all in the name of “business.”

Trump, then, has decided to place business above the health and future of American families and children.

In the coming days, Donald Trump will appoint a new Administrator of the EPA. Myron Ebell, and other climate liars, lead Trump’s short-list to take on the role. It will be up to Congress to decide if this person is fit to lead the EPA. And it is now up to you to make sure that Congress knows you will not stand for an individual who will attack our clean air, our clean water, and our world’s future.

By signing this petition, you are joining thousands of mothers, fathers, and grandparents who refuse to accept leaders who lie about the reality of climate change and jeopardize the well-being of our families. Tell your senator that you demand leaders who will move our world forward, not backward.

"Dear Senator: When you are asked to vote on a new EPA administrator, please consider our families and children first and foremost. An EPA administrator must acknowledge climate change and be ready to confront it head on in order to protect American families. Every American deserves clean air, and with your help, we can preserve our air and protect our families. Thank you for your leadership in this crucial time."



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