Stop Beltway Rob Portman!

Stop Beltway Rob Portman!

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Throughout his entire career, Beltway Rob Portman has been in the pocket of Washington special interests. During his twenty-five years in Washington, Portman has made it clear where his priorities lie – and they’re not in helping working Ohio families.

Twenty-five years in the club is long enough. Sign up to support Ted Strickland and working Ohioans.

Ohio deserves a Senator who puts Working Ohioans first – not someone whose face a financial lobbyist once said “belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the financial services industry.”

Portman is a “dedicated outsourcer” of jobs, the “ultimate insider” – and the last person to stick up for Ohio.

Join the Strickland for Senate team and let’s kick Beltway Rob out of Washington!

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