Tell Republicans: Don't Slash Funding to Fight Ebola

Tell Republicans: Don't Slash Funding to Fight Ebola

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When Ebola struck last year, and scattered cases in the US caused panic, President Obama took decisive action to protect us by putting into place a program to fight inevitable future outbreaks by working to prevent them, and nip them in the bud.

But incredibly, Republicans want to remove this protection. They want to turn their back on the Ebola threat by removing $600 million dollars from the Ebola emergency fund.

The same Republicans who shamelessly exploited the Ebola threat for political purposes now want to cut the funds for a program that actually works to fight it.

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In February, President Obama asked Congress for $1.9 billion in emergency funds to combat the Zika virus and protect the health of Americans. But Republicans refused the President’s request.

Instead, Republicans proposed using “leftover” money from the Ebola epidemic to combat Zika.

The problem with this plan? Ebola isn’t over. Experts across the spectrum agree that future outbreaks are inevitable. Cutting the Ebola emergency fund would leave us more vulnerable to them, and could cause a public health crisis.

Tell Republicans: DON’T slash funding for Ebola >>

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