Tell Congress: The Grand Canyon is for Families, Not Uranium Mines

Tell Congress: The Grand Canyon is for Families, Not Uranium Mines

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The Grand Canyon: it is one of America’s greatest treasures. Countless families make the trek every year to marvel at the beauty of nature, its power, and its magnitude. Now, big businesses and anti-environmentalists are looking to intrude upon and pollute the Grand Canyon all in the name of profit.

The debate? Whether or not uranium mines—known to emit toxic chemicals in the air and threaten local water supplies—should be allowed in this national jewel. While these lands have been protected for more than a century, and public opinion strongly favors keeping these lands untouched, corporations in search of uranium mines are placing business over the safety and health of people and the land. But we can fight back.

Congress has the power to protect America’s most prized lands. Tell them not back down to greed!

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"America’s public lands are critically important. The Grand Canyon, especially, is one of our nation’s greatest treasures. Families travel from all over the country to marvel at its beauty, to stand in awe of the wonders of nature. That’s why I am asking that you will ensure the entirety of the Grand Canyon is protected from corporate greed in search of mining operations, which emit toxic chemicals into the air and threaten local water supplies. The public is widely in favor of complete protection for the Grand Canyon, and I hope you will stand with us."


(Photo credit: Ben Hoyt)


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