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Tell Paul Ryan: If You Deserve Paid Leave, So Does Everyone Else!

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Paul Ryan made one thing clear when he became the most powerful Republican in the House: “I cannot and I will not give up my family time.” How could he say this when he has opposed virtually every federal policy favoring paid family leave during his time in office? Join the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in demanding that Speaker Ryan pass paid leave legislation immediately.  

The US is the only major country that doesn’t grant workers paid time off after having a baby, or offer federal protections for those that get sick or injured. For millions of Americans workers, taking time to start a family or ending up sick in the hospital could cost them their jobs.

This is wrong. Stand with Democrats to tell Speaker Paul Ryan that he works for the American people – If he feels entitled to taking paid time off for his family, why shouldn’t the rest of America?

Getting sick isn’t a choice. And having a baby should be a joyous occasion—so why are we letting millions of Americans live with the threat of not being able to provide for their families?

If we want to build a strong economy with a successful middle class, we must have common-sense protections for regular Americans. People that work hard at their jobs shouldn’t be thrown into economic instability because of unforeseen events.

Join the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in making it clear to Paul Ryan that millions of Americans value their time with their families just as much as he does. If he feels entitled to paid leave, then he should do the right thing and support paid maternity and sick leave for the American people. 

"Speaker Ryan, if you deserve paid leave, so does everyone else!"


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