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Tell Michigan Governor to Resign

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The city of Flint, Michigan is in a state of emergency. Since April 2014, the city’s public water supply has been contaminated with elevated levels of lead. Even worse, Governor Rick Snyder knew about Flint’s water problems for MONTHS, but instead of saving lives, he chose to save money and let this toxic water flow.

Governor Snyder let his constituents be POISONED. Sign your name, and demand he RESIGN >>

In 2O14, as part of a cost-cutting plan sanctioned by the state, Flint’s emergency manager switched the city’s water supply from its existing safe supply to the local Flint River. Turns out, the water was so corrosive that not even the local General Motors plant would use it.

Flint residents complained immediately about the taste and odor of the water, and it was clear something was wrong. But the state used it anyway, and as a result, high levels of lead poured into the community’s drinking water causing serious health issues: More than 8,OOO children have been exposed, with health issues likely to haunt them for their lives.

Even once lead poisoning was confirmed, Governor Snyder wasted months before asking for needed federal help.

A Governor who would willingly poison his constituents has no right to be governor. 

Sign your name: Tell Governor Snyder to RESIGN


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