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For Americans who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, working a job that doesn’t pay a fair wage, or facing crippling student debt, saving for retirement can seem like a fantasy — and that’s one of the reasons why our middle class is feeling squeezed.

It’s even worse when these same Americans are represented by D.C. insiders like Senator Rob Portman who want to raise the retirement age and slash earned benefits.

When you’re still working as a concrete finisher into your 60s, your fingers are gnarled, your back is bent, and your knees are shot. But Republican senators in Washington like Rob Portman with baby-soft hands, think you’re too young to retire.

That’s outrageous. We can’t let it happen.

In the Senate, Ted Strickland will fight at every turn to protect Medicare and Social Security, and to ensure that America's working people can retire with the security and dignity they have earned.

Add your name to join Ted Strickland today in support of preserving Social Security—because if you’ve held up your end of the bargain, Washington insiders like Rob Portman should hold up theirs.


         "I stand wtih Ted Strickland in support of Social Security!"



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