Help Continue President Obama’s Progress

Seven years ago, President Obama took office with ambitious goals to ignite change and move America forward. Since then, he’s led us through some of the most incredible progress this country has ever seen.

Now, we must work to protect the advancements we’ve made in order to build on that progress. Stand with President Obama and Democrats today.

Our accomplishments under President Obama’s leadership are clear: 70 straight months of private-sector job growth, coverage for nearly 18 million Americans under Obamacare, and a historic global agreement to combat climate change – to name just a few.

But when it comes to making sure every single American has access to real opportunity, our work isn’t done yet.

We must establish universal pre-K and ensure college affordability for every American. We need to invest in the future through clean energy, and advance medical research so that America becomes the country that cures cancer.

“Such progress is not inevitable,” as President Obama said – and he certainly can’t do it alone. It has never been more important to elect Democrats this fall who will protect this progress and keep America moving forward.

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