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Tell EPA Head: Don’t Allow this Dangerous Pesticide in our Children’s Food!

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Rather than heed the finding of his own agency’s scientists, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has chosen not to ban a pesticide that could cause developmental issues in children’s brains and nervous systems. The same chemical is already banned in most household items, but now, without a ban, that chemical- named chlorpyrifos- will make its way into our children’s bodies.

Administrator Pruitt has once again aligned himself with big business rather than with the health and well-being of the American people, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Tell Administrator Pruitt that you demand he place the well-being and health of American families and children above those of corporate profits.

(Message to Pruitt)

"Your recent rejection of a proposed ban on a potentially dangerous chemical, chlorpyrifos, indicates you are prioritizing the success of businesses over the well-being of American families and children. The EPA—the agency you have been chosen to run—is one of our country’s most important tools for public safety and health. We rely on you and your agency to protect us from dangerous substances and hazards. I ask that you reconsider—that you put first the American families whose health you have been tasked with protecting and preserving."



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