Demand Governor Snyder SHUT DOWN Nestle’s unrestricted access to Michigan's clean water

Right now, residents of Flint, Michigan are living through an appalling water crisis after hazardous amounts of lead infiltrated their water supply.

But as Flint parents struggle to obtain clean drinking water for their children, the largest water bottling company in the world, Nestle, is pumping water OUT of Michigan -- for free.

Sign your name to demand Governor Snyder cut off Nestle’s free access to Michigan’s clean water supply >>

The water crisis in Flint is an unspeakable tragedy -- with thousands of children exposed to contaminated drinking water that could lead to severe health problems.

Didn’t think it could get worse? It does.

Flint residents are paying $864 each year for the lead-riddled water that is making them sick -- DOUBLE what most Americans pay for clean water.

Just miles away, the multi-billion dollar corporation Nestle has been pumping MILLIONS of gallons of clean water out of Lake Michigan -- for free. In fact, they actually receive 13 million dollars in tax breaks to do so (Source: Democracy Now).

So as Flint families are overcharged for chemically tainted water, Nestle is getting clean water for FREE. It's outrageous, and it needs to stop.

Tell Governor Snyder to put Michigan families first: STOP Nestle’s unrestricted access to Michigan’s clean water >>

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