Tell the DNC: Stop Blocking Bernie!

Today -- just one day before the final Democratic debate of 2015, and just a few weeks before the Iowa caucuses -- the Democratic National Committee shut down the Bernie 2016 campaign’s access to critical campaign data. All because of a glitch in a third party system that accidentally allowed campaign employees to see information from other campaigns.

Every Democratic candidate adds all of their data to the DNC’s main database. Without it, the Bernie 2016 campaign is effectively frozen.

Tell the DNC: Give the Bernie 2016 campaign access to its data! >>

It’s important and just to investigate the software glitch and security of data, and if individual employees acted improperly, they should be punished. But it is completely outrageous to essentially cripple the Bernie 2016 campaign’s voter outreach efforts during a critical moment in this election.

Stand with Bernie NOW and tell the DNC to stop blocking Bernie’s voter file access>>

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