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Tell Senate Republicans: Don't Touch our Health Care!

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Senate Republicans are trying to pass a health care bill in total secrecy--no public hearing, no chance for amendments, no nothing.

The House Republicans’ health care bill was wildly unpopular, and now Senate Republicans are afraid of similar backlash. So their strategy is to write the bill in private and vote on it before anyone knows what’s in it.

But we can take a few guesses. They want to cut back on care for older, sicker and poorer people so that wealthy people and corporations get a massive tax cut. They are just too afraid to admit it.

The Senate GOP doesn’t care about the fact that millions of Americans might lose their health insurance. They only care about one thing: themselves.

This process is outrageous and we can’t let them get away with it.

Tell the Senate GOP: Don’t touch our health care!

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