Move America OFF Fossil Fuels!

Move America OFF Fossil Fuels!

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We need a swift and just transition to clean, renewable energy in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

We need elected officials in office who believe in climate change and who will put our communities first by standing up to the fossil fuel industry.

Sign below to ask elected officials at all levels of government to take the OFF Fossil Fuels pledge.

Dear Elected Official, As your constituent, I urge you to sign the pledge to move America OFF Fossil Fuels. The pledge reads:

"I accept the science that says humankind's use of fossil fuels is the primary driver of dangerous global climate change. Therefore, as your elected representative, I pledge to be a leader on climate change issues and will support efforts in my community to move us off fossil fuels and achieve a just transition to 100% clean, renewable energy.

While current research suggests that this transition will need to be completed by 2035 at the latest to avoid catastrophic climate impacts, we cannot wait and must act now. I will oppose any project that will expand fossil fuel production, and its use or transport, and will work to quickly phase out existing fossil fuel infrastructure in my jurisdiction.

I vow to put people and the planet before any corporation's profits, and will support efforts to address the toxic legacy of fossil fuels in all of our communities, especially those most impacted including indigenous peoples, communities of color, low-income people and rural communities."

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