Fire Sean Spicer

Fire Sean Spicer

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Sean Spicer should be fired. Immediately.

As Trump’s Press Secretary, Spicer has lied to the American people again and again, and tried to browbeat journalists into playing by his rules. But now, he’s gone too far, even for him.

In defending Trump’s attack on Syria, Spicer just told the American people that “even Hitler didn’t sink to using chemical weapons.” It’s jaw-droppingly FALSE and ignores the millions who were slaughtered via poison gas.

When called on his lie, Spicer dug himself in even deeper, explaining that Hitler’s use of gas in “Holocaust centers” was not as bad as what Syrian president Assad did, because Assad used them on “innocent” people. (source)

This outrageous lie is not a simple slip up, it’s crossed the line into anti semitism, plain and simple. It’s time for Spicer to go.

Tell the White House that we’re DONE with Spicer’s lies.



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