Denounce Trump's Abortion Remarks

Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner for President, stated in an interview that he would support “some form of punishment” for women who have an abortion, were it outlawed.

This is not a statement to dismiss lightly, like most Donald Trump positions tend to be. This is a direct assault on women’s healthcare rights.

Stand with Senate Democrats in defending a woman’s right to make their own choices when it comes to their healthcare.

This fight for women’s healthcare isn’t new. Republicans have attacked Planned Parenthood for years, completely discounting the lifesaving services the group provides to millions of women.

While Donald Trump is the one who most overtly voiced his anti-abortion position, it can’t be forgotten that all of the GOP candidates stand with him as fierce anti-abortion politicians.

Republicans are unified in the fight to limit women’s healthcare rights. We need to stand together to make sure women have their voices heard.

Sign this petition to show you defend women’s healthcare! Fight back against Donald Trump and the GOP’s constant attacks!

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"I denounce Donald Trump's abortion remarks!"


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