Defend Access to Abortion Care

Defend Access to Abortion Care

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These are the kinds of laws we’re seeing time and again from state and federal politicians:

  • Ban abortion care at 20 weeks.
  • Shut down reproductive health clinics.
  • Force women to have medically unnecessary ultrasounds.
  • Require women to delay abortion care for no medical reason.

It’s shocking but true.

Already this year, 411 abortion restrictions have been introduced in state legislatures.  Four hundred and eleven!

These abortion restrictions are based on lies:

  • Lies about abortion
  • Lies about abortion providers 
  • Lies about women

Make no mistake: There’s an undeniable outbreak of these “Bad Medicine” laws being passed across the country – from Oklahoma to Florida and from Indiana to Utah. 

We simply won't stand for this! 

Politicians need to exit the exam room and stop playing doctor with women't health.  And we need your help to fight back.  Sign the pledge:

"Yes! I agree that no one should be allowed to interfere in the relationship between a woman and the doctor she trusts – and I pledge to take action in support of access to abortion care." 


At the National Partnership for Women & Families, we've been standing up, speaking out and fighting back against dangerous, demeaning attacks on women’s health since 1971.

We publish the must-read Women's Health Policy Report and run the Repro Health Watch website, which tracks these very attacks against women's health in the states.  And we recently launched the "Bad Medicine" campaign. 

By adding your name, you’ll join thousands of men and women across the country who are saying “Enough is enough!” to attacks on women’s access to quality health care — care that should be based on medical evidence and each woman’s individual needs.

The stakes are high, and we need your help today. Sign the pledge and join the National Partnership’s campaign to raise awareness and fight back to protect women’s health and rights.

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