Defend Clean Car Standards: Cut U.S. Oil Use by 12 Billion Barrels

2 out of every 5 barrels of oil consumed in the U.S. are dedicated to one thing: powering our cars and passenger trucks. We're working to cut that—but we need your help. The E.P.A. and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration together finalized new national climate and fuel efficiency standards in 2012, which would double the average fuel economy of our cars and trucks by 2025.

Now, these regulations are up for review. These standards have groundbreaking benefits for our country. With them in place, we'll cut our oil use by 12 billion barrels over the lifetime of the program, eliminating an unfathomable six billion metric tons of climate pollution, and saving consumers like you $1.7 trillion at the gas pump. Some manufacturers are working to weaken these regulations—but these are benefits Americans cannot afford to lose. We're working hard to protect them, but we can't win without you.

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"I'm writing today in strong support of EPA and NHTSA reaffirming our strong, protective Clean Car standards. The second-phase Clean Car standards have already been delivering benefits to Americans, and the technologies needed to meet the standards are readily available. Reaffirming the standards is critical to continue to drive technological advances, and make sure that our families and communities continue to get the significant health, environmental, national security and economic benefits of this historic program. And the Clean Car standards will benefit the broader U.S. economy as well. A Ceres and Citi Investment Research report found that suppliers and automakers, especially the Detroit Three, can expect increased profits and sales under the standards. During the mid-term review, reaffirming these standards makes sense. It is time to embrace American innovation and reaffirm our commitment to a clean transportation system.."


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