Tell Boehner: Disband the Benghazi Committee Now

Tell Boehner: Disband the Benghazi Committee Now

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In an interview Tuesday on Fox News, House Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy confirmed that the Benghazi committee’s main purpose is to disrupt Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. In other words, it’s a fraudulent witchhunt and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

It’s time for Congressional leaders to end this charade and disband this phony committee.

Add your name to tell Speaker Boehner to DISBAND the House Select Committee on Benghazi immediately.

On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was quoted saying:

"Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping."

This is UNBELIEVABLE. McCarthy’s comments prove that the Select Committee on Benghazi is being used by Republicans to investigate Hillary Clinton for purely political purposes.

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The Select Committee on Benghazi has cost American taxpayers over 4.5 million dollars and has taken longer than the length of the Watergate Committee, the Warren Commission, and the Iran Contra investigation.

Now, we have proof that they aren’t even conducting a legitimate investigation. They are wasting tax dollars to drag Hillary Clinton through the mud. It is completely UNACCEPTABLE for this group to continue to exist.

When Speaker Boehner announced his retirement at the end of this month, he warned about right-wing "false prophets" and the damage they cause through their extremism. Well, if he really believes that, here's a chance for him to do something about it before he leaves.

Please, sign the petition and tell Boehner to disband the Benghazi committee

"Speaker Boehner, disband the Benghazi committee now!"

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