Support Bernie Sanders' plan: Medicare for all

Support Bernie Sanders' plan: Medicare for all

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Health care should be a basic human right. Medicare already provides cost-effective, quality healthcare to seniors. It’s time we expand this system to all Americans.

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Our national healthcare system should provide coverage for everyone. But even though Obamacare has done a lot to increase coverage, we’re falling short of that goal.

We know the Affordable Care Act is here to stay thanks to last week’s Supreme Court ruling. Now it’s time to keep moving forward by creating a single-payer program. Fortunately, we already have one in place -- Medicare. This single-payer system provides quality coverage in a very cost-effective manner for our seniors over 65.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is calling for expanding Medicare to all Americans. And we agree!

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Our current healthcare system is overrun by special interests and big pharmaceutical companies. Their biggest concern is making a profit, not expanding coverage. And by tying healthcare to employment, it puts a burden on small businesses struggling to provide healthcare to their employees.

A single-payer system will eliminate these problems, while keeping costs down and expanding coverage. It’s an all-around win, which is why Bernie Sanders pushed to include it in the Affordable Care Act originally.

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