Just say "no" to Jeb Bush!

Just when you thought it was safe... just when you thought America had finally exorcised itself of Bushes, along comes this frightening development:

Jeb Bush is planning a run for president.

That giant swirling sound you just heard?  It was Americans from coast to coast, throwing up just a little in their mouths.

Two Bushes is enough.  And we need to nip this trial balloon in the bud. 

Please use the form, sign on to "just say no" to Jeb, and feel free to leave your own comments re: why this really might be the worst idea in human history.  

Please -- do it for the children.  

Actually, do it for the adults too.  And the dogs, cats, livestock, plants, dung beetles, and pretty much anything else living in or out of America.

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