Don't let the GOP commit "muppicide"

Tell the Republicans: "Don't 'Whack' the Muppets!"

Millions upon millions of Americans have grown to love PBS and the quality programming it produces.   In fact, they've not only grown to love PBS, they've literally grown up with it.  For many of us, our most cherished childhood memories and earliest learning experiences are replete with images of Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Elmo, and the rest of the muppet crew.   

And now the Republican leadership want to commit "muppicide." They not only want to cut PBS funding, they want to eliminate it completely.   

Federal funding for PBS is minimal, in the grand scheme of the overall budget (less than one ten thousandth of a percent).  And it's by far one of the best bargains, given the phenomenal programming it helps spur, the quality journalism it enables, and the diverse audiences it reaches. 

And yet, in spite of these reasons (or perhaps because of them), PBS has long been on the GOP "villain" list.  And now that they're in power in the House, they are trying to hold it hostage to an overall budget agreement.

It's not surprising that the GOP would target PBS, given the "cult of stupidity" that party has become.  But it's something we cannot stand for.  

Send a message today to the Republican leadership.  Tell them you support PBS, and stand with the "muppet lobby" he derides.  And tell them you're not going to stand by idly and watch as they try to commit "muppicide." 

Don't let them "whack" the Muppets.