Tell the EPA: Protect our Children from Fracking Pollution

The EPA has proposed the first-ever national limits on fracking pollution. But this is only a first step. There’s still more work to do.

Fracking releases benzene, smog, and other harmful pollutants into the air. People — including pregnant women and unborn children — are suffering under the burden of increased air pollution as a consequence of natural gas development. The same leaks and flares that spew harmful pollutants into the local air also release the potent greenhouse gas methane.

Tell the EPA that you support strong methane pollution limits. And that this rule is just the beginning. More needs to be done to ensure we are protected from not only new sources of fracking pollution, but existing sources as well. Our communities deserve clean, healthy air — and a healthy planet for our children's future.

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To the EPA:  "Thank you for your proposed rule to limit methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. Last year, thousands of moms and dads across the country asked you to protect us from the dangerous methane pollution that is contributing mightily to climate change -- and you have really come through for us. Your proposal to limit methane pollution is a welcome first step -- but more needs to be done. I’m hoping that as you look ahead, you will regulate not only new sources of natural gas, but existing sources as well. We must have strong standards that require limits on methane emissions from existing sources, not just new ones. Thank you for taking this important step to safeguard our communities, and our children's future." 


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