Even nonsense can be spelled correctly

Dear Tea Party: "Use Spell Check!"

Over the past few years, the Tea Party has become a nearly endless fount of hilariously twisted logic, and of stupidity that "goes to an 11."  

We've grown used to things like chants of "keep your government hands off my Social Security", rants about secession, and bizarre combinations of "fascist", "socialist", and whatever other "ists" they happen to have read on a bumper sticker on the way to the rally.  Never before has so much nonsense come from so few people.  It's really impressive.

What we haven't grown used to, however, is their truly painful spelling.  Not even just messing up words, but writing in ALL CAPS, and using very,weird,grammar,and,spacing.   It's enough to make a grown librarian cry.

Thus, we ask, we plead, we beg the Tea Party:  Use spell check.  Really, it's easy.  It's already built into your computer.  

Seriously, it's just painful to have to decipher your writing.  Unfortunately, there's no "logic check" yet, so we can't completely fix your twisted nonsense.  But at least the nonsense can be spelled right.

Please, use spell check.  We're begging you.