Tell the Daiquiri Factory: Drop "Date Grape" Drink

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And in the category of "I can't believe we have to explain to these guys why this is offensive," we have this.  Daiquiri Factory, a bar, is featuring a drink named:

"Date Grape Koolaid"

Really.  They went there.  And when it was explained to them why this might be extremely offensive, particularly to survivors of sexual assault, they claimed that it wasn't a big deal, wasn't "meant to offend," and that they had no intention of changing it. Even in the face of in-person protests from actual survivors (whom they actually mocked).

You know, we're all for creativity, and we've certainly been known to push the boundaries of taste, but a rape joke?  That's not creative, and that's not funny.  It's just wrong.

Send a message to the Daiquiri Factory management.  Tell them to do the right thing, and to drop this offensive name. 


(This effort was launched and organized by activist Taylor Malone.  Click here and here to follow and support her ongoing effort)