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In the first months of Donald Trump’s presidency, Republicans have been relentless. From a global gag rule on abortion funding to a devastating health care proposal that would strip health coverage from millions, we’ve seen enormous setbacks for women and families.

But there’s hope.

Since Election Day, over 14,000 women have told EMILY’s List they are interested in running for office, and more than 7,000 have volunteered to help those women run. That’s over 21,000 people—from every single state and D.C. too—who are ready to make a difference.

With an extreme president and the GOP in control of Congress, the stakes could not be higher. If even a fraction of these women win, we’ll have changed the face of power in American politics for decades to come.

It’s been a devastating few months, but we’ve got exactly what it takes to fight back.

Join EMILY’s List to be part of the movement that is changing the face of our government, one pro-choice Democratic woman at a time.


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